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What is Shel-Life? We answer all your questions in this 2 minutes video

Shel-Life is a 100% natural emulsion (plant-based) manufactured with natural extracts, lipids, and plant polymers. This coating is applied on the fruit surface, reducing Food Waste by preventing dehydration and maintaining freshness for a longer period of time.

Shel-Life is a product for agribusiness that differs from its competitors since the coatings used by the vast majority of fruit exporting companies in the market consist of synthetic waxes that are made up of components derived from petroleum.

Shel-Life essentially outperforms all other products available in the market since it is made with all-natural products assuring consumers wellness.


Reduce “Food Waste” and remove the use of synthetic in fruits


100% friendly natural and organic coating


Extends fruit life through less dehydration

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20 - 40 %

Produced fruit is discarded or lost Spore. Post-harvest management (2011)

1,3 Billion

Tons of food production are wasted every year (FAO 2019)

Sustainability Index

Coating fruit with different varieties of Shel-Life has beneficial impact on the environment, fruit protection, and extension of its shelf life.


of water was saved

273,6 tons

of food were prevented from being wasted due to Shel-Life application in 2020.

About us

Natural disruptive intelligent science, for the first time available for the fruticulture industry.

PolyNatural is engaged in cutting-edge research, innovation, and development. We use the potential of completely natural components to make unique products in the market that benefit the quality of food for people all around the world.

“Inspired by the food grown for centuries in South America, we have developed products with 100% natural components that have revolutionized agribusiness and have taken food to the next level. We aim to improve people’s quality of life with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.”

Francisco Palma

Francisco Palma

CTO - Founder


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Certified Standards

At Polynatural we take care of the requirements and standards of the most demanding markets in the world, such as the European Community or the United States. we don`t just declare our product as organic, we confirm it


Certified by ECOCERT under the USDA-NOP regulations; Safety certification under NSF's Noonfood compounds program.

European Union

Authorized for use in organic agriculture


Appling to several producer and consumer countries.

Export Statistics

+ 35.000

Fruit tons coated

Alliances and Supports

We are convinced: innovation is essentially collaborative. Therefore, from our beginnings we worked to create alliances and have support from the public and private sector.
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